The Chakra system

The Chakra System is that structure that transforms and transports the energy we use daily to live, love, think, work, play, study, and meditate. Each Chakra is directly connected to particular brain areas and certain organs of the body.

The Chakra System as a whole is vital to our well-being.

When it is balanced everything works wonderfully, but if one or more Chakras lose their harmony, then the psychic condition and physiological functions begin to exhibit various kinds of disorders, eventually degenerating into complex pathologies.

To achieve proper rebalancing, it is essential to know which energy levels are compromised, inhibited, or overloaded.

For many years, Fiore D’Oriente has directed attention and resources toward this age-old “Holistic discipline,” producing a line of products and services called “The ChakraRebalancingSystem” or: “How to Rebalance Our Energy System.”

The Chakra Rebalancing System (C.R.S.), is an all-natural method that promotes the rebalancing of the energy system in a simple, comprehensive and autonomous way. Our goal is to give everyone the opportunity to perform an accurate self-diagnosis to determine the consequent treatment. C.R.S. makes use of a valuable diagnostic tool (
Chakra Test
) that is easy to use and Natural Vibrational Scents, as well as a considerable amount of informational material. Information is the basis of everything: the more news you have, the more easily you can reach your goal.

Why Vibrational Scents?

Hundreds of years of use and experimentation have shown us that Chakras do not rebalance with normal medicines.

Chakras are sensitive to vibration and rebalance by sympathy and magnetism.

An artfully crafted perfume creates a good vibration, a positive thought creates a favorable vibration, a musical note creates a vibration, a food creates a vibration, purposeful Yoga exercises create vibrations, a color creates a vibration.

Knowing the vibrational range of each Chakra and knowing the Chakra to be rebalanced, we can “take on” in any form, vibrations that help us. “The Chakra Rebalancing System” is all about this.

Tha Chakra Rebalancing System

Chakra Rebalancing System