Hydrolate is water rich in volatile active ingredients, extracted by steam distillation from aromatic plants or medicinal herbs. As the vapors pass through the coolant, they condense and are collected in a vessel, called a Separator or “Heart,” where, due to the different specific gravity, separation between the aqueous and oil phases takes place. Essential oils are extracted from the flavored water at the surface of the Separator, while the hydrolate is collected at the bottom.

Depending on the plant that is used, different types of hydrolates can be obtained, and thanks to this particular procedure, all the properties of the plant of origin can be preserved.

Hydrolate is generally used as a tonic, to refresh and rebalance the skin after cleansing the face, and in particular, sage hydrolate is suitable for the treatment of oily and impure skin; it is also suitable for regulating excessive perspiration and the care of oily hair.

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