Contents: 10 sticks -20 gr

Fairies move between the Middle World and the World of Humans as vibrant energy that can manifest through various forms and ways. One of the means by which they like to be recognized is by scents and colors. With these incenses, which use the purest raw materials, we have tried to express the essence that some of them represent by experiencing that, as curious Beings who are attracted to the world of humans, the essential oils used to produce the incenses are particularly pleasing to them.

Wish Fairy – This fairy collects men’s wishes in precious caskets until the right time comes. 

Fairy of Understanding – This fairy has the gift of bringing from darkness to Light, she is the destroyer of all old forms, to new ideas.” 

Creativity Fairy – The Energy of this Fairy  helps all Artistic expressions.

Light Fairy – Her energy awakens the sleeping potential of all human beings.

Protection Fairy – She is the ideal trusted companion in times of crisis or physical danger.

Truth Fairy – Resort to her energy whenever your heart falters or you do not quite understand what would be right to do.

Fairy of Cheerfulness – With her sweet magic and bright rays she will give light to your eyes and smiles to your thoughts.


Fairy of the Wishes


Fairy of the Understanding


Fairy of the Creativity


Fairy of the Light


Fairy of the Protection


Fairy of the Truth


Fairy of the Cheerfulness