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Gran Tisana is a line of Herbal Teas produced following the teachings of the Italian Herbal School. Italy for many years before Christ was the cradle of both Artistic and Medicinal Culture. The teachings, passed down from Herbalist to Herbalist have come down to the present day. Fiore D’Oriente has set itself the goal of continuing to pass on this Health Culture made of Herbs and Flowers .

Gran Tisana blends are composed exclusively of plants from the highest quality European organic cultivation.

Fiore D’Oriente follows the entire production chain, from the seed bank to packaging in heat-sealed bags to preserve them from contamination and bring them to us as fresh as when they were just harvested. Gran Tisana is available in 50 g packs in Tisana cut.

In Herbal Tea Cutting, the leaves are dried and crushed naturally while retaining most of the properties unlike Tea Cutting (in sachets), where the leaves, reduced to 1/1.5mm fragments, lose most of the benefits. The classic filter is certainly more practical, but if we want to really work on ourselves the bulk Tisana cut is the way togo, simply by equipping ourselves with a strainer and a common herbal tea pot. We have empty herbal tea bags of various sizes For those who want to fill them and take them with them.

Stress Relief

Organic dietary supplement adjuvant in stress syndromes: difficulty falling asleep, headaches, weakness. Promotes the tone of the nervous system.


Organic dietary supplement adjuvant in disorders affecting the respiratory system: colds, coughs, promotes expectoration, is balsamic, emollient. It also promotes relaxation in coughs with spasms.


Organic dietary supplement promoting detoxification and purification of the body especially in cases of impaired liver function. Proper liver function alleviates feelings of fatigue.


Organic dietary supplement adjuvant in digestive disorders, bloating, sense of heaviness after meals, promotes regular stomach function. Bitter-aperitif.


Organic dietary supplement adjuvant in female disorders, draining, relieves heavy feeling and swelling. Helps remove excess fluids, excellent during periods of fatigue, purifying and tonic.


Organic draining dietary supplement, helps remove excess fluids, adjuvant in promoting kidney function and toxin elimination.


Organic dietary supplement adjuvant in mental fatigue with difficulty concentrating and feeling dizzy. Promotes emotional rebalancing.

Good Night

Organic dietary supplement promoting relaxation, relaxation, and sleep, improving its quality. Adjuvant in cases of mental and physical stress.


Organic dietary supplement promoting physiological intestinal transit and elimination of bloating. Adjuvant in digestive processes.


An organic dietary supplement containing the highest quality echinacea and uncaria tomentosa that promotes immune balance.

Herbal Tea Filters