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Each video is designed to answer common questions, explain the different ways to use them, and suggest ideal pairings and combinations to enhance the properties of our products.

In addition, you will have access to downloadable information materials, such as guides, data sheets, and brochures, which you can consult at any time for further details or clarification.

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Fiore D'Oriente Catalogue 2023

Fiore D'Oriente Catalogue

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Vivo Aroma

Our Incense Factory in India

Chakra Test

This test allows you to obtain a qualitatively and quantitatively accurate assessment of your subtle energies, broken down Chakra by Chakra. The test is easy and fun: it takes 20-30 minutes to complete, if possible without interruptions.

You choose the most suitable time, smile and start. Smiling is important, it gives you the right frame of mind, because what you are about to embark on is neither an exam nor a test of skill, but a game capable of giving you access to dimensions of light and joy that already exist in all of us.

Yoga exercises for the Chakras

Voyager - The Chakra Songs

Chakra Book

Download the book in PDF format (Italian)

Campane Tibetane di Altissima Qualità