Diagnosis and Chakra Test

There are many methods to understand and use the products and services of the Chakra Rebalancing System, we point out 3:







Doing the Chakra Test is the most comprehensive method (see table: Chakra Test MethodDiagnostic).

Knowing the situation to be faced, we can protect or activate the Chakra in question (see the table: Suggestions for Practical Daily Use).

We stand in front of the Chakra Rebalancing System display and choose products based on the color that most appeals to us.

Tips for Daily Practical Use

The tables below suggest the use of Fiore D’Oriente products and remedies depending on the circumstances and situations we face.

Example: if we are looking for a new home and the thought assails us, surely it is best to protect the overburdened Chakra by using a 1st Chakra incense, oil or soap.

The situations listed are for illustrative purposes only.

chakra #1 – muladhara

  • Precarious work situations
  • Real estate matters: buying, selling, moving
  • Important decisions for one’s future
  • Expenditures and enterprises to be made
  • Search for stability
  • Sports training practice
  • Disorders related to the first chakra

chakra #2 – swadisthana

  • Improving relationships with others
  • Increasing one’s appeal
  • Living better with one’s sexuality
  • For partner search
  • Improvise and stimulate intuition
  • In situations of play and pleasure
  • Disorders related to the second chakra

chakra #3 – manipura

  • To increase self-esteem
  • Increase the ability to act effectively
  • Overcoming stuck situations and frustration
  • Job applications or professional advancement
  • To take initiatives
  • To react well to heavy situations
  • Disorders related to the third chakra

chakra #4 – anahata

  • Experiencing feelings and fostering encounters
  • Making the atmosphere in which one lives lovingly
  • For those who want to love and be loved
  • Analysis of projects and ideas of social interest
  • To protect oneself from the negative feelings of others
  • For the expression of one’s sensitivity
  • Disorders related to the fourth chakra

chakra #5 – vishudda

  • Activities in which communication is crucial
  • Public speaking
  • Creative and expression activities
  • To understand through intuition
  • To grow others’ trust in us
  • Disorders related to the fifth chakra

chakra #6 – ajna

  • Situations of alertness and mental clarity
  • For study, concentration and meditation
  • To calm one’s thoughts
  • In moments of mental pressure
  • Disorders related to the sixth chakra

chakra #7 – sahasrara

  • To foster intuitive perception
  • Situations of doubt
  • When it is difficult to identify a specific thing
  • Protection from potentially negative energies
  • Disorders related to the seventh chakra

Chakra Test Online

This Test provides a qualitatively and quantitatively accurate assessment of subtle energies, broken down Chakra by Chakra. The test is easy and fun: it takes 20-30 minutes to complete, possibly without interruptions.

You choose the most suitable time, smile and begin. Smiling is important; it gives you the right state of mind, because what you are about to undertake is neither an exam nor a test of skill, but a game capable of providing you with access to dimensions of light and joy that already exist in all of us.

Tha Chakra Rebalancing System

Chakra Rebalancing System