Create your own Shower Shampoo with Vivo Aroma

In a world where self-care and personalization are at the center of our desires, we have chosen to create a revolutionary product to turn your daily shower routine into a sensory pleasure. We welcome Vivo Aroma, the innovative system that gives everyone the opportunity to create their own personalized shower shampoo, enriched with the essential oils of your choice.

Unleash Your Creativity: Create Your Own Custom Flavor

VivoAroma puts the power of creation in your hands: Imagine enjoying a tailor-made shower precisely in accordance with your preferences. Creating your custom blend is simple but meaningful: the essential oil or oil blend you choose blends seamlessly with the cleansing base. This fusion is where the real magic of Vivo Aroma lies, paving the way for an aromatic journey that soothes your senses.

the Activator ensures even distribution of essential oils within the cleansing base, allowing the aroma to diffuse throughout your shower. The result is a true aromatic journey.

Your Complete Kit: Everything You Need to Get Started

Embarking on this aromatic adventure is a breeze with the Vivo Aroma kit, carefully designed to simplify the process. Each kit contains:

  • 250 ml of Shampoo Base
  • 15 ml Activator
  • 250 ml Graduated Beaker
  • Graduated Spoon

Creating your own personalized shampoo has never been easier or faster. Easy-to-use components and clear instructions ensure a complete sensory journey.

Elevate Your Hair Care Ritual

Using Vivo Aroma in conjunction with your essential oils offers a number of benefits that elevate your hair care routine. Imagine a synthetic fragrance-free shampoo that promises an unparalleled olfactory experience-your hair deserves this special treatment, and Vivo Aroma delivers it.

The Ingredients That Matter

Underlying Vivo Aroma are carefully selected ingredients that promise both efficacy and ethical awareness. The shampoo base features cutting-edge plant-derived surfactants derived from coconut, ensuring gentle yet thorough cleansing.

Vivo Aroma is also proudly free of animal ingredients, replacing traditional proteins with a blend of hemp and rice proteins through enzymatic bioliquefaction.

In addition, to further enrich the formula, we have included a unique active complex designed especially for colored hair. This blend, derived from carefully selected plant sources, preserves the vitality and longevity of your hair color.

Why Choose Vivo Aroma

Vivo Aroma represents the epitome of natural indulgence and self-care. When you choose Vivo Aroma, you are choosing:

  • Natural Fragrances with Essential Oils
  • Stronger Hair (+85% ex vivo test)
  • Increased Elasticity (+8% ex vivo test)
  • Color Protection
  • Nourishment and Protection for Treated Hair
  • Animal Protein Free, Synthetic Fragrance Free
  • Ideal for all hair types and frequent use

Elevate your shower routine, immerse yourself in the world of customized fragrances and let Vivo Aroma become a key part of your daily pampering ritual. With each use, it will remind you that self-care can indeed be an art form.

Embrace the magic of Vivo Aroma today and discover a new dimension of serenity in the shower.

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