Create your own atmosphere with Descending Flow Incense Cones

Descending-flow incense cones are true allies in creating an enveloping and relaxing atmosphere. These unique cones transform the simple act of burning incense into a mesmerizing visual spectacle, releasing the smoke magically downward.

The Descending Flow: a choreography of Scents.

The distinguishing feature of downflow cones lies in their shape. Thanks to a small hole at the top, the smoke is guided downward, creating a unique and engaging visual flow. When the smoke flows through a specially designed holder, it materializes into a fragrant waterfall that adds a magical dimension to the surroundings. These cones thus become the beating heart of aromatic choreographies that enchant the senses and promote relaxation.

Cascades of Aromas: An Art for the Eyes and the Smell

Imagine placing one of these cones at the top of an ornamental sculpture. The smoke, gently coaxed from the surrounding walls, will slide elegantly downward, creating a cascade of fragrance. It is an art that engages both the eyes and the nose, transforming the space into an enchanted atmosphere. Choosing the right place for the smoke cascade then becomes crucial to creating a truly unforgettable visual and olfactory experience.

Usage Guide: Create Your Own Aroma Cascade:
  1. Light the incense cone from the top and let the flame burn for a few moments.
  2. Gently blow on the flame to extinguish it, letting the burning cone release its smoke.
  3. Place the cone in the terracotta accessory, making sure it is stable.
  4. Watch carefully as the smoke begins to flow downward, creating your own cascade of scent and tranquility.
A Unique Sensory Experience

Descending flow incense cones transform the simple act of burning incense into an immersive and magical sensory experience. With their ability to create cascades of fragrance and relax the mind, these cones have become valuable tools for those seeking an atmosphere of tranquility and well-being. Experience the art of downward flow and be enveloped by the beauty and calmness it releases.

Bring the enchantment of nature into your home with down-flow incense cones and let the scent of serenity permeate every corner of your living space.

Backflow Stand

Back Flow Stand is a clay object made without the help of electricity.
Each piece is hand-turned and wood-fired in a tribal clay kiln.
Back Flow Stand allows the flow of smoke to drop evenly downward
on any vertical surface creating a fantastic waterfall.

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