Chakra Shower Gel – Vibrational Shower Shampoo

New Chakra Shower Gels, with the addition of pure natural essential oils and an Aloe Vera formula, cleanse and moisturize the skin while balancing the chakras, all during your daily beauty routine.

Seven Fragrances for Seven Chakras

Each of the seven fragrances is designed to create aunique olfactory experience that corresponds to one of your chakras. The combination of essential oils not only invites you on a sensory journey, but also aims to restore balance and harmony to your energy system.

Velvety Formula with Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is known for its moisturizing and soothing properties. In combination with other natural ingredients, the rich, velvety formula of these gel-shampoos leaves the skin soft, smooth and well moisturized. It is the ideal solution for all skin types, providing gentle cleansing that respects your body’s physiological pH.

Gentle Surfactants for Sensitive Skin

Chakra Shower Gels are made with gentle surfactants that respect the skin, ensuring that your experience is as natural as possible.

Mode of Use

While in the shower or bath, apply a sufficient amount to damp skin or hair and massage gently. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. To intensify the olfactory experience, join hands at face level several times for a few seconds while cleansing.

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