Chakra Herbal Teas

Content: 50gr

Content: 50gr

Keeping our Chakras balanced is important, so we need to work on multiple fronts and constantly using all the resources we have: Yoga, Mantras, Affirmations, Colors, Fragrances, Food and Drink. Chakra Herbal Teas are an excellent tool for rebalancing our Energy System. The blends are composed exclusively of plants from the highest quality organic crops. Fiore D’Oriente follows the entire production chain from the seed bank to packaging in heat-sealed bags to preserve them from contamination and bring them to us as freshly harvested.

Chakra Herbal Te as are available in 50 g packs in herbal tea cuts. In the Herbal Tea Cut, the leaves are dried and crushed naturally while retaining most of the properties, unlike the Tea Cut (in sachets), where the leaves reduced to 1/1.5mm fragments lose most of the benefits. The classic filter is certainly more practical, but if we want to really work on ourselves the bulk Tisana cut is the way to go, simply by equipping ourselves with a strainer and an ordinary herbal tea pot. We have empty herbal tea bags of various sizes for those who want to fill them and take them with them.








Tha Chakra Rebalancing System

Chakra Rebalancing System