Organic and Wild Products

Since 1988


Fiore D’Oriente has been producing, importing and distributing premium organic and wild products since 1988.

A world leader in the herbal industry, we have always been committed to respect for and enhancement of ethical principles by putting the Person and the Soul first.

In a world where it is increasingly difficult to know straw from hay, we will always offer good hay.

We are anartisanal herbal company, where most of the product processes are done by hand: from our highly prized essential oils and plant oils, to our medicinal plants selected from the most secluded countries on the planet, down to the smallest stick of incense.

The only machines we own are feeders, mixers and scales.

Fiore D’Oriente has always been environmentally conscious.

We believe that yourpurchase represents an act of trust in our company, so we will sincerely try never to betray your expectations.

September 2023

Essential Oils

Emotional Scents

Vivo Aroma

New 2023

Vivo Aroma is an innovative system that allows everyone to create their own personalized shower shampoo using the Essential Oils of their choice.  

Massage Oils

Resins and Precious Woods

Herbs and Spices


Objects, Tibetan bells, Himalayan salt, massage tools.

The Chakra Rebalancing System

The Chakra Rebalancing System (C.R.S.), is an all-natural method that promotes the rebalancing of the energy system in a simple, comprehensive and autonomous way.

Certified 100% Natural Incense

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